30 Day Water Challenge

30 Day Water Challenge

If you are like me and are striving for a healthier lifestyle incorporating more water in to your daily life is a must. Thus, the reason I am beginning my 12 month challenge series with a 30 Day Water Challenge! Healthy living and weight loss has been a struggle for me since child hood and I usually set about rebooting by depriving myself of all the no no’s carbs, sugar, cheeses etc. this time I would like to start by adding healthier practices, like drinking water, to my daily routine. I will be starting the 30 day water challenge on October 1st. I know that this will indeed be a challenge, but if by challenging my self I change my life I am game.

30 Day Water Challenge

Benefits Of Drinking More Water

There are many reasons why you should increase your water intake, if it’s lacking, I have listed below all the reasons why I am diving head first into this water challenge (no pun intended) please share with me in the comments why you are. 

  • Weight Loss
  • Mental Alertness
  • Prevent and Treat Headaches
  • Increase Energy Levels and Brain Function
  • Improve Skin Appearance 

The Details

Most Water Challenges are to drink a gallon a day,but this challenge will begin by drinking 1/2 of your weight in ounces with the goal of drinking your total weight in ounces by the end of the challenge. WebMd is an invaluable source of info for fall things health related including how much water you should drink daily

For Example: April weighs 200 lbs
                              April will start drinking 100 oz of water a day or approx. .8 gallons of water.                                                                                               Her goal is to drink 200 oz of water a day or approx. 1.6 gallons of water by the end of the challenge.               

Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe  water is not one amount fits all. Much how those who weigh less need a lower calorie intake than those who are substantially larger your water intake should increase or decrease with your weight. 

Week 1 – Drink 50% of your weight in oz daily

Week 2 – Drink  65% of your weight in oz daily

Week 3 – Drink 85 % of your weight in 0z daily

Week 4 – Drink 100% of your weight in oz daily

As you go through this process if you are substantially overweight , like myself, you will likely drop a few pounds so lets weigh ourselves to not only have exact calculations but to hopefully encourage us along the way.  

30 Day Water Challenge Day 1

Do not feel like you have to stop drinking other things , although I doubt you will have room to consume other beverages. Lets all just focusing on ADDING water to our daily lives during this 30 day water challenge. I will check in with you guys here weekly and on Twitter and Instagram often to give you tips and encouragement along the way and I hope you can do the same for me!


Challenge Yourself Change Your Life




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