30 Days Of Thankfulness In Photos

30 Days Of Thankfulness In Photos
I have committed to challenge myself for a 12 months period to improve my life by completing monthly challenges and I decided to take you on this journey with me. In October I dedicated myself to a Water Challenge which is an awesome jumpstart in the right direction of improving my physical well-being. Now it is time to give my emotional health a boost. What better month than November to complete 30 Days of Thankfulness In Photos?

30 Days Of Thankfulness In Photos

I have seen some thankfulness photo challenges that give you prompts or daily suggestions of things you should be thankful for, but I find that defeats the purpose of the challenge. I need this challenge because recently I have found myself feeling slightly depressed and unfulfilled in my life. Logically I know I live a pretty charmed life compared to others, but I need to really take inventory of my blessings to help pull myself out of this funk. And I believe that the journey is where you find healing or whatever you are seeking. So there will be no prompts only sharing and encouragement to look deeper and find those things that you are truly grateful for.

Day 1: Thankfulness Photo

30 Days of Thankfulness 1

                                                                                            A young Yolanda blowing out my birthday candles with my Maw Maw!

Today I am most thankful for time and the memories that comes with it. All to often we want to slow down time to stay in the moment, but time passing gives us the gift of memories that lives with us forever. So Father Time today I thank you for the gift memories of my loved ones those who have passed and those who remain. Thank you for the gift of memories so that I can make better decisions today than I did yesterday. Thank you for memories so I will always be reminded to create even greater ones for my children than I had. Thank you time for memories so that I may live on even when my time here on earth is no more.

Check back here weekly for the prior weeks days of thankfulness and follow Seeing It Their Way on Instagram for daily photos so that you might be inspired or reminded of the many things you should/could be thankful for.

What are you most thankful for today?

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  1. I absolutely ADORE this! I have to continually remind myself to be thankful. When the internet goes down or my kids are being just little monsters, I remind myself that I live in a country with internet, and that those little monsters love me and I love them. And I HAVE them.
    Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle recently posted…October 2015 Beauty FavesMy Profile

  2. This is great to take time to think about what we are thankful for! Sometimes life gets so busy and we don’t realize what is really important!

  3. I love the emphasis on being thankful in November. It’s great to look at what you have and be grateful for it, especially before a big gift giving holiday. It just really puts everything in perspective sometimes.

  4. Remembering to be thankful each day in November is something I can do. Yesterday I was thankful that I’d left a stack of wood near enough to the house that it was easy to get, since our weather has dropped into the 20s. Today I am glad that I have warm soup planned for dinner. It’s wonderful that you are grateful for wonderful memories. Family is so precious. Thanks for the awesome challenge.
    Ora Lee Gurr recently posted…Offbeat Holidays in NovemberMy Profile

  5. What a wonderful month this will be for you!! I’m thankful for my health. Because as long as I am ok everyone I love is being taken care of. 😉

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