5 Simple Ways To Put Family First

Our motto here at Seeing It Their Way is “Putting Family First” and my hope is through what we share with you here that we can be an example of how to do just that. This weekend there was a moment when I looked around at my family while we comforted my oldest son after a pretty bad fall and it reminded me of the importance of putting family first.

Five Simple Ways To Put Family First

Simply Be There

It sounds so simple and in its most basic form it is. How can your family not be strengthened or felt like a priority if your there? The answer is simple you can not be present. On this infamous day this past weekend we where at a kid’s birthday party I was full swing in a conversation, daddy was enjoying a plate of bbq and the kids were taking their first turn down the slip and slide when my eldest son Romee landed hard on his behind and screamed out in horrible pain. I could have easily let his father handle the situation or vice versa, but instead we both went to him and little brother was close behind as well. The act of going to him was the simple part, instinct really, but me speaking comforting words to him, daddy rubbing his back and backside and little brother wiping tears away is were being present steps forward. All of us being their for him in that moment turned a painful and embarrassing moment in to one were he felt loved, comforted and encouraged.

Set Family and Individual Goals

Goals don’t always have to be this big event that you’re aiming for in the future it’s the little milestones you set for yourself/family that really helps a person grow. When It’s time to make New Year’s resolutions, the hubby and I create goals individually, for the family and for the boys. As a parent you have a front row seat to your children’s lives and although they are individuals you help mold them into their future selves. So when I looked up and saw my youngest child,who we had intentionally been encouraging to be more compassionate, there to comfort his brother my heart nearly burst. When one person reaches a goal it strengthens the family unit .
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Give Your Family A Nickname

Obviously the act of simply giving your family a nickname will not ensure that you are putting your family fist. But there is something about a team environment that makes an individual want to give more and do better for the success of the team or in our case family. Our nickname is RaYo Fam this was a name we came up with even before the boys were born. So when we speak in RaYo terms the boys think of it as an honor and a privilege to be on the team. For example I might say “Does RaYo Fam do XYZ?” or even “Is that something that WE do?” I use “we” as a subtle reminder that their actions have an effect on the entire family unit and I find it to be pretty effective.

5 Simple Ways To Put Family First

Make Family Time A Priority

I haven’t mentioned it here but we are in the mist of moving and our lives has been consumed with selling, searching for, buying and packing up a house. So the mere fact that we were at the party at all was amazing. So much to do yet so little time. And no this wasn’t the type of family time were you sit around and played board games, but a little time to unwind and relax was needed by us all. It’s important to create balance in your family everyone including children needs a little “We” and “Me” time!

Simple Ways to Put Family First

Hugs and Kisses All Around

There are plenty of days when I may not get it all right as a parent or a wife and may not have created a magical moment of growth or bonding in any other way but I am always armed and ready with kisses and hugs all around.


How do you make sure to put family first?


  1. You have some awesome suggestions. We make it a point to have family game nights a lot.

  2. Simply being there is one of the biggest things. A lot of people seem to feel that the always have to buy their kids this or that or take them places. No. While that is fun, what they really care about is the time they are spending with you.
    Chrystal | YUM eating recently posted…Minion S’moresMy Profile

  3. All to often we get caught in the day to day hustle and bustle of life. I know I have to work on putting family first more often than not.

  4. Family time is so important. When we all lived together, we had weekly family game night.

  5. Great suggestions. I always put my family first no matter what. They are my everything, and I was raised its the only way!

  6. We are so tuned in to being together since growing up we both wished our families were a tighter unit. We do everything together, from morning until night if we can and make sure to tell our kids that when something affects one of us it affects us all the same. I love your post. We need to think of a nickname too, I love that idea.
    Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert recently posted…Lemon Salt Roasted Pork LoinMy Profile

  7. Putting family first pays off exponentially for your entire life. I love your tips.

  8. These are awesome suggestions. In this busy world it can be easy to lose focus of putting family first.

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