5 Tips To Help YOU Drink More Water

It can be tough to stay the course in weekends, but it's doable. Plan ahead by filling several water bottles to take with you on the go! #SeeingItTheirWay #ChallengeYourselfChangeYourLife

Drink More Water

Its week 3 of the 30 Day Water Challenge are you going strong our has your resolve to be committed to the challenge dissolved? Even if you haven’t met your goals everyday this challenge is one that you should not succeed defeat to. As we all know water is a major factor in living a long healthy life so even if you haven’t met your daily goals applaud yourself because you drink more water now than you were last month and continue on this journey towards drinking 100% of your weight in ounces. To help us all stay on track I have 5 tips to help us drink more water!

Add A Twist

I get it water is tasteless, colorless and lacks any pizzazz, but that makes it so easy to add your own twist on it. If your like me simply adding a lemon slice makes a world of difference. But others are more visual so presentation is everything. As you can see below I took my Olivia Pope glass that’s usually reserved for a hefty portion of wine on Scandal night or a girls night in, but instead this past week or so it has become my water-glass that happens to holds 16 oz with ease. Find that glass or mug or bottle or container that makes you smile and use it!

Reward Yourself

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded when they have done well? So reward yourself when you have met your weekly water goals by giving yourself a treat you wouldn’t normally indulge in. As long as it’s not a day off from water go ahead you have my blessings. LOL

Drink More Water 30 Day Water Challenge

Make It Routine

A major reason for this 30 Day Water Challenge and challenges in general is to get us accustomed to doing something consistently so that it becomes routine and we naturally incorporate it into our life at the end of the challenge. During the challenge is the perfect time to start that routine. For example, wake up and drink 2 cups of water (16 ounces) before you start your day, drink a glass of water or two before and after each meal, how about a glass before you walk the dog or pick up the kids. Do what works for you and can be maintained over time.

Keep Water In Plain Sight

Because its easier for me to drink room temperature water every morning I fill a LARGE glass container with my daily water requirement and it is a constant reminder to drink more water! Your daily reminder can be marks on a calendar, or put X amount of rubber bands on your wrist to signify the number of cups you need to drink and take them off as you drink a glass. Do what works for you!

Set A Timer

If none of the above works simply set a timer on your phone to go off every hour during waking hours to remind you to drink more water!

Time to drink more water, lets increase our water intake to 85% of our overall body weight in ounces! How do you get your daily water intake?

Challenge Yourself Change Your Life

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