Back To School Shopping For Husky Boys!

back to school shopping for husky boys
Back to school shopping with my husky boys could have been a real challenge this year seeing how they grew out of 70% of their wardrobe this summer. But instead of letting back to school shopping stress me out I decided to do a “fit shop” where the boys and I went to a number of stores and tried on brands and sizes to find their perfect fit. Check out the video below to find what I learned and where I will be shopping from here on out!

In the end I realized that although my husky boys are the same weight and close in height they have totally different body types. And since I now know their proper sizes, I was able to buy back to school clothing all from the comfort of my home. They both went back to school in style and with clothes that fit. So whether your child is husky or not take the time to find what brand/store works for you and them it will save you a lot of headache in the end. back to school in jcpenny husky boys

If you didn’t watch the video you may be wondering what store has become our new go to. Well we visited Old Navy, Target, JCPenny, Children’s Place and Abercrombie Kids. A few were a complete fail or only worked for one child. But there was one that stood out from the rest with a variety of husky sizes (in store and online), great prices and stylish options. That store was JCPenny!

You can thank me later.


  1. Finding good durable clothes can be a really hard thing to do. I love that JCPenney carries clothes for husky boys!

  2. My nephew is a husky boy, so I will be sure to pass on this information to his parents. It seems he lives in track pants because he has such a hard time finding the right pair of jeans to fit his frame.

  3. I love the title and the post. I actually heard someone say yo couldn’t say Husky anymore (surprise surprise) but when you say that I know exactey what you’re referring to and it is difficult to find clothes and it’s great to have this info!

  4. Letting everyone know where to find the best selection is so nice! BTS shopping is a pain, so making it easier is welcome.

  5. It is really hard to shop during back to school times. This is really helpful.

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