Date Night on A Budget!

So many relationship counselors and those who claim to know how to make a relationship work advise that you make an appoint to date your spouse. I know your thinking easier said than done, well I found an easy and cost effective way to insure we have our date night monthly and on a fixed budget.
The first big obstacle to overcome was of course childcare you can easily spend upwards of $50 towards date night on childcare alone and like most Americans we are watching our finances closely and couldn’t justify the expense. So we developed an agreement with our very good friends to swap babysitting services. It works out well because our children are of similar age and play well together and because of our personal relationship I feel confident that they will be well taken care of.

The biggest cost saving thing we do is to utilize daily deal websites where we save no less than 50% off our date night experiences. That’s not to say that every deal you come across is going to be 50% off we just don’t use them unless they are. Also with every deal comes stipulations so we make sure to read the fine print as to maximize our experience and it makes for a more relaxed evening if you’ve done your research before going out. These deals not only aide in us saving a buck or two, but we have been able to experience things that we generally wouldn’t even think to do.

Making an effort to incorporate date night into your relationship does not have to be a burden on your wallet, but it can definitely help to lift the burden of your daily life and put a little spark in your relationship!!!

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