First Impression Of Dr. Mom Otoscope

First Impressions Of Dr Mom Otoscope

My youngest son is the motivation behind this first impression of Dr. Mom’s Otoscope. This was my sons first year in any form of school or childcare, his in kindergarten, and he has picked up every sickness possible. Not a month has gone by without him being ill, his even had pneumonia. So when he complained about his throat and had a 100.2 fever recently I took him straight to the doctor and they said his lymph nodes were swollen and he would likely get a viral infection. So we weren’t completely surprised when just a few days later we had a super sick kid on our hands. But this time he was in so much pain he was near inconsolable.


First Impression Of Dr Mom Otoscope

A sick child and one sad mommy.

The hubby and I weren’t quite sure if it was an ear infection or just sinus pressure causing the pain in his ears so we decided to purchase our on Dr. Mom’s Otoscope. We had it rushed delivered and it came two days later. I must admit by the time it came we pretty much had his illness under control with a few simple home remedies, as we were trying to avoid giving him yet another dose of antibiotics if we could help it. Nonetheless when we received our new otoscope I whipped it out and checked my little guys ears.

Check out the video below to find out what I saw and what my first impressions of the Dr. Mom Otoscope were!

Dr. Mom Otoscope

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  1. I so needed this. My son had so many problems in the past. The last time I was like you, I was not doing anymore antibiotics, I put garlic drops in his ears and it worked. I hope he is feeling better.

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