Georgia Public Broadcast Kids Promotional Video

Several weeks ago I shared here that our family would be doing a Promotional Video for Georgia Public Broadcast (GPB) Kids, if you are a GPB watcher you may have seen us already. If not here are our videos. ENJOY!!!

Georgia Public Broadcast Kids Birdhouse

Deakin and I where featured in this video. I was so worried about being on camera, but I loved the final result.

Georgia Public Broadcast Kids Einstein

Romee played the role of Einstein in the second promo. His little twitch of his nose at the end is hilarious!

I must also remind you that my hubby is an On Air Graphic Designer at GPB and did all the graphics for our promos so this was truly a family project. I loved that we were given the opportunity to do this and look forward to playing it for my boys and their own families in years to come.


  1. Your husband’s job sounds so awesome! While I don’t live in Georgia, Public Broadcasting has made such an impact on my life, exposing me to new ideas and helping me learn since I was a child. How cool that your family was able to take part in such a fun promo video!

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