Green Smoothies Keeping It Simple

I’m sure you heard the saying Keep It Simple Stupid or K.I.S.S, while I wouldn’t consider myself a stupid person I do like to keep things as simple as possible. So one day to help ease the stress my hubby was having coming up with breakfast/lunches for work and to curve the $$$ he was spending when he was stumped, I decided to make breakfast & lunch burritos that could be stored in the freezer for when he was rushing or had no other options. Well as I’m standing there packaging his burritos I thought well what about me? Before I started drinking green smoothies I rarely ate breakfast, so while it was/is nice that I try to make my hubby’s life easier I also need to make an appoint to make mines easier AND healthier.


Green Smoothie Keeping It Simple

The plan started with my motto of keeping it simple, so if I couldn’t add green smoothies to my diet without adding to much more time and effort it wasn’t going to happen. So after searching the internet for smoothie inspiration I decided on the following recipe.

1/2 cup of oatmeal
2 cups of kale
1 cup of almond milk
1 banana
1 cup of fruit of your choice

Having fresh fruit on hand to make this happen would have definitely been a challenge for me because I absolutely despise grocery stores so the frozen route was what would work best for me and my household. In addition to purchasing fruit and kale I also bought quart size freezer bags and was able to package enough fruit and veggies to last me two weeks. That’s keeping it simple at its best.

Side Note: Each package makes enough for two green smoothies.

Green Smoothie How To

Green Smoothie Bonus

Major bonus not only are the green smoothie delicious and filling, one of my sons LOVES them! My three-year old politely places his little cup next to mines every morning so he can get he’s dose of green smoothie. So while Deakin loves it his four-year old brother could go without it, but does drink it if it’s given to him. So every child may not like green smoothies, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to offer a cup of super healthy goodness to your little one!

Do you or your little ones drink green smoothies? How do you keep things simple?


    • Funny thing is I don’t like bananas either, but its because of the texture mostly so not a problem once blended.

      Thanks for the tip it’s in the body, but think I should have listed it as bullet points.

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