Home Tour: Guest Room Slash Girl Room

Home Tour Guest Slash Girl Tour

Today I will continue our home tour in what we call the  Guest Room Slash Girl Room. You have already seen the boys playroom and bedroom so welcome to room number three.  In a house full of males I try my best not to make any shared rooms to girly so you wouldn’t have found lace, flower prints or PINK in our old house. But, in the new house we now have a guest room and I have claimed it as my own and it is all things girly! Hope you enjoy my favorite room in the house!

Home Tour Guest Slash Girl Room Before and After

The before picture was on the listing of our new house. When I saw the before I was excited about how large the room was and new it would be great for a guest slash girl room.

Home Tour Guest slash Girl Room Table

Love this simple chair that I got from World Market  and this super cute silver side table beside it makes for a perfect place for our guest to sit and read.

Home Tour Guest Slash Girl Room Daybed

The guest slash girl room is the largest of the secondary rooms intentionally, because when we have guest it’s either an entire family or several people at a time. I must say the girl sleepover I have with my friends came to mind when considering purchasing this daybed with a roll away bed for the room. It certainly came in handy when we had 15 family members stay with us over the holidays!

Home Tour Guest Slash Girl Room Bed

I love how much sunlight this room gets so I purchased lace curtains to allow the light to flood through the windows during the day while still dressing them up!

Home Tour Guest Slash Girl Room Decor

The chaise seen above was the inspiration for the entire room and I absolutely adore it. I stumbled upon it in a random mom and pop furniture store clearance section and had to have it. It is so comfy and I have fallen asleep in it several times. The middle picture features a few of my grandmothers items that are sprinkled around the room.

Home Tour Guest Slash Girl Room Decor 2

In addition to having items from my childhood, grandmother and oh yeah wine I had to display the beautiful image that my hubby created highlighting our vowels and wedding day.


Is there a room in your home that you claimed for yourself? Tell me about it and why you love it.




  1. I love that chaise! I think the room is lovely and I would love to be your guest anytime 😉

  2. The room looks great and I like how big it is. I would love to have a daybed for when we have unexpected guest.

  3. The room turned out beautiful! These are my fav kinds of posts and how I find design inspiration

  4. I love everything about this room especially the light fixture and the chaise! I’m trying to convince my husband to let me turn one of our guest rooms into a girly room but he’s not to excited about the idea!

  5. This room looks amazing. I love the light furniture colors. It makes the room look bigger.

  6. Pretty – I love that lounge chair….and the colors you chose. I’ll be doing something similar to my son’s room next month.

  7. I love how big and airy you made the room look. I’m sure it is a very relaxing room. I really love the chaise, it’s perfect for reading.

  8. What a stylish guest room! This looks super inviting and homey for someone staying with you.

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