Kindergarten Broke Up The Trio

Since the birth of my youngest son four and a half years ago the boys and I have been virtually inseparable, but the trio is no longer. My oldest son Romee is in Kindergarten. It’s the end of the third week of school and I finally feel emotionally stable enough to write about it. This past year leading up to him beginning Kindergarten I was torn between homeschooling and allowing him to attend traditional school. After many talks with the hubby we decided to enroll him into a local charter school that received rave reviews from friends of ours who children attend the school as well. I have to be honest I wasn’t and still am not completely comfortable with him attending traditional kindergarten. After three emails, two visits and one phone call to his teacher I have become slightly more comfortable. Yes I am THAT mom.
Romee is a child who truly loves to learn, respects rules/structure and has enjoyed making new friends so he has adjusted well to kindergarten. His major adjustments have been getting use to other children behavior issues and finding his voice. Like Romee there are several kids in his classroom that did not attend preschool, but unlike him their home life didn’t/doesn’t include the amount of structure that we have implemented in ours. He is having a difficult time understanding why some kids won’t follow the rules and sometimes it becomes distracting for him. He his soft-spoken and has a very laid back personality so he isn’t the kid jumping up and down raising his hand to answer questions but instead he would rather have the teacher just call on him. So we are working on him being a bit more assertive and are hoping that his classmates behavioral issues decrease as they get acclimated to kindergarten, so that the teacher can do more teaching and less correcting.
Now, little brother Deakin has taken it the hardest. He misses his big brother and is jealous that he isn’t in school as well. Logically he understands that he will attend kindergarten next year, but he still wants to have the same experiences as his big brother. This is one of the few downsides of having children so close in age (11 months apart) he feels like they are the same age and should be able to do the same thing at the same time. In addition to his jealousy issues he also has become more aggressive with his brother because he doesn’t know how to simply say “I missed you can you play with me?” The hubby and I are making sure to not only love on him a little more, but to also encouraging him to voice his emotions instead of acting out.

Slowly the trio is becoming more comfortable with our new normal.

Has there been a change in your family that has created a new normal? How did you help make the transitions easier?

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  1. I’m glad you’re getting used to the normal. We had a first grader this year, so it wasn’t as much of a change for us. Last year was tough for me – sending that little girl into a big elementary school, unable to even walk her to her room! Kindergarten is a big step! I hope he is settling in!
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