Sing Along, Preschoolers and Last Names

Sing Along, Preschoolers and Last Names

Last Name

Being a Stay at Home Mom with two preschoolers can be interesting at times. Since we decided to forgo sending them to Pre Kindergarten I am responsible for teaching them all those lovely things other kids their age know plus more. This includes being able to write their names while they both (Romee 4 and Deakin 3) can write their first and middle names, they struggled with our last name, CHRISTOPHER. I knew it would be a challenge for them learn because of the length, but after a few weeks of trying I was starting to get a little frustrated. Until I recalled how I taught them our phone number and home address, in a sing along format. So I set out to turn our name into a catchy tune. I recorded the “song” onto my cell phone and gave it to the boys to learn from.

Preschoolers In Action

Sing Along Results

As you can see my four-year old learned it pretty quickly (within 10 minutes), but it took my three-year old a little over a week to be able to recite it with confidence. Not too bad if I might say so myself. So now they are both able to write their entire names! I share all of this reluctantly because I was that mom who took pride in the fact that my children knew all their alphabets and their sounds without any knowledge of the ABC song. Notice the past tense in that statement, I eventually decided to teach them the song because I didn’t want them to not know the songs/what other children their age knew who attended a traditional school. So now I am on board with anything (within reason) that came make the learning process easiest for them and myself!

What creative ways have you taught your children things? Does your child learn better through song?


  1. That is so awesome!! Your little guys are so handsome!! We’ve always tried to use whatever worked for our kids. I used songs to teach my kids to spell their names as well.

  2. AWESOME idea!! I’ve got to put more things to song around here. I swear he knows the words to everything around here.

  3. I think that is an awesome and unique idea! Wish I had thought of it when my daughter was younger. I kept her home from pre-k too, but we used a lot of online resources. Kids learn differently, some through sight (watching a video), some through hearing (listening to a song), some through interaction (actually doing the task)and as the mom you know (better than a teacher) what works best for your child. Great job!and you gotta love technology!

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