(Video) Big Smiles And Healed Bones:: Cast Removal Footage

It has been quite a while since my little guy broke his arm. Read all about it Mommy Guilt And Broken Arms. Somehow among all the back and forth to the doctors and life itself I somehow forgot to share the cast removal process. I came across these loss files and found it interesting enough to share with you.

Cast Removal Process

Just a bit of back history this cast removal footage came from a need to replace a water-logged cast. As much as the hubby and I tried to watch our than four-year old he somehow submerged his entire arm into his bath water. It is important that you have a cast removed that has been submerged in water as it may lose it strength and may cause a rash or infection. So with that said we went through this process twice and I was amazed by the ability of this “saw” and the technician to cut through the cast without harming my babies arm.

I am happy to report that his arm is fully healed and we have had no additional broken bones. Fingers, arms and legs crossed.

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