{VIDEO} Christmas Fun and Kid Friendly Recipes

Holiday Recipes
This year Christmas was just our little  family of four, kid friendly recipes and a lot of fun! Oh yeah double ear infections, asthma flare ups, coughs and fevers were along for the ride as well. I know your probably thinking that doesn’t sound like a great way to spend the holiday.  But surprisingly once sickness threw out any plans we could have possibly had and we simply  listened to what our little patients wanted we had  a ball.

Their requests were simple:

  • Cook Together
  • Sing Together
  • OPEN GIFTS Together
  • Play Together
  • Chill Together 

Do you see the running theme all they wanted to do was be together and that was enough. So when my big boy had to return to school and he said “I don’t want to go. I want to spend more time with my family.”  I just about melted.  Next year when I’m  wrecking  my brain trying to figure out whether to go to Texas, rent a cabin, line up holiday events etc. I’ll be reminded of how awesome this Christmas was and just be easy. All will work out well as long as we are together! 

Despite the great time we had we still were thinking of our family and friends who were near and far and decided to vlog and share it with all of them and our readers! Included in the video are basic recipes for  7 Layer Bars, Pecan Pie and Tips on preparing the best steak I’ve had in many moons!

YouTube Preview Image

We hope you and yours had an amazing holiday season and are wishing you an unforgettable New Year!

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