Waistline Wednesday:: When Life Gives You FIBER One Eat It!

Waistline Wednesday1
I am part of BzzAgent community and as a member I often receive products to try to share my opinion/experience socially. Boy did I hit the jackpot when recently I received several boxes of Fiber One Meal Bars in the mail! Since I have been on this journey of shaving inches off my waist and getting my cholesterol back to a safer range I have looked for ways to add more fiber to my diet in addition to eating oatmeal for breakfast, fruits for snacks and adding more legumes to my diet. So when BzzAgent sent me the Fiber One products I took it as a sign to from the fiber gods that I was on the right track!

Fiber One

The two products the family and I were able to sample included Strawberry Greek Yogurt which its roasted almonds with strawberry flavored fruit pieces and a Greek yogurt coating were delicious and the Dark Chocolate Almond which also had roasted almonds, but mixed with delectable dark chocolate flavored chips was ahhh mazing! While I will not be using these as a meal replacement for my children, they really came in handy when after Karate class the boys were in need of a snack until mommy could get out of traffic and make it home to prepare dinner. The hubby even shared in the goodness to help him push through to meet a deadline for a project he was working on. Everyone enjoyed the taste and was satiated. I was happy to find another way to bring my family along on my journey to a healthier lifestyle without making it a painful experience for us all. With each Fiber One Meal Bar having 10g of protein, 9g of fiber and 40โ€“60% less sugar than comparable bars on the market, it just made its way on to the permanent grocery list.

Benefits Of A High Fiber Diet

A high-fiber diet has many benefits, which include, normalizing bowel movements, maintaining bowel healthy, lowering cholesterol level, helps to control blood sugar levels and aids in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. With all those health benefits who can turn your nose up at fiber when life gives it to you.

Help me out on my journey by sharing your favorite fiber rich food with the Seeing It Their Way community!


  1. I love Fiber One bars. I have been eating them for I don’t even know how long. I even had my daughter eating them at one point to regulate her digestive system. It helped with her chronic constipation!

  2. My favorite fiber rich food is steel cut oats. I make them overnight in the crockpot – so delicious! That Fiber One bar with the whole almonds looks great!

  3. We eat a lot of Fiber One bars here. They’re quick and easy for me to make sure I get something good in me while wrestling our toddler and nursing the little one.

  4. I like bran for additional fiber and also the heart vegetables that aid digestion too. Fiber One isn’t bad

  5. Fiber is so important for a healthy digestive system! Those Fiber One bars sound so delicious, too!

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