10 Simple Ways to Make Your Spouse Smile

You know in a single glance whether your spouse is unhappy or having a bad day. Instead of simply ignoring that look in their eyes here are 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Spouse Smile.

1. Ask How Work is Going
Most people try to leave work at work or simply don’t make the time to discuss it, but taking five minutes to get things off their chest can make a world of a difference.

2. Have a Date Night
We all know how time spent together can re energize a marriage.

3. Alone Time
We all need time to ourselves every now and than to gather our thoughts. Sometime the best thing you can do for your loved ones is to give them their space.

4. Boys/Girls Night Out
We all like to consider our spouse as our best friend, but sometimes we need the perspective of our friends of the same sex to work through things.

5. Cuddle Up
Nothing can comfort a person like the human touch

6. Give Them a Token of Appreciation
New socks or undershirts brings a smile to my hubby’s face.

7. Free Reign over the Remote
It really is the little things that makes all the difference.

8. Go Out to Dinner
Breaking up the routine and going out for your spouses favorite meal as a family can add a little peep in their step.

9. Plan a Getaway
Sometimes a little change of scenery is all a person needs to get out of a funk even if it’s just a day trip, to break up the monotony.




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