Disney Cars Party Ideas #DIY

Disney Cars Party Ideas
March is a big month for the Seeing It Their Way family, it’s the month that both of our little guys were born. I am so excited to celebrate the boy’s birthday this year that I decided to share their previous birthday party themes with our readers starting with one of my favorites Disney Cars! I am no Martha Stewart but with a little Pinterest inspiration, creativity and time I think we pulled off a fun-filled DIY 4th and 3rd birthday party for the boys. Enjoy!
Disney Cars Party Table

A fueling station is a must. Ours included stop light inspired rice crispy snacks, popcorn, “tires” or donuts, water and a signature drink! We added a personal touch by hanging Disney Cars inspired art over the table, which than doubled as decor for the boys rooms.
Disney Cars Backdrop
What party is complete without a great photo-op area?!?!
Disney Cars Party Cake Mater and Mcqueen
We kept the cake design simple by recreating Mater and McQueen’s likeness on sugar sheets and simply draping them over the hubby’s homemade cakes!
Disney Cars Party DIY Cars
The black table cloths turned road way (via white tape) was the perfect place for the boys and their friends to customize their very own race car. 
Disney Cars Party Car Ramp
This simple ramp kept our little party goers occupied racing the cars they customized and a few stray cars that made their way out to the ramp.
Disney Cars Party Box Cars
There was no way a Disney Cars themed party would be complete without a cardboard box car race! Of course we had to make it extra special by recreating some of the boys favorite Cars characters to amp up the fun!


  1. They all look SO cute in their cars! What a fun party!!

  2. What an awesome party idea! It must have taken so much time to plan and execute but it turned out amazing.

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the Cars themed box car race idea!! How adorable!

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