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Portrait Innovations Holiday Package

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The holidays are upon us and that means families are gathering and everyone is in a joyful mood! That makes it the perfect time to get that long over due family portrait. My sons are seven and eight years old and we have never done a holiday photo session. I know I know shame on us. So this was the year to finally capture an iconic holiday themed family portrait!

Portrait Innovation Boys

I really can’t take all the credit for us finally getting our act together, I partnered with Portrait Innovations to capture all the holiday love! After selecting our outfits (days in advance) and getting the family all groomed we were ready to go!

Portrait Innovations Holiday Family

Must Have Poses

Once the photo session begins we can sometimes get caught up and miss out on important poses. Can you believe somehow amongst the craziness of our wedding day we some how forgot to get a solo shot of me in my dress. From that day on I vowed (pun intended) to always go into a photo session shot list in hand.  I strongly suggest you make a list of your own must have poses so you are pleased with your photo session results. Here are a few must have family poses to get you started.

  • Family Shot– This one goes without saying, the top priority is to get that coveted family shot that all the parents and grandparents love to receive as gifts!
  • Playful Children– Let the kids be kids and get their pose on sans the parental. My boys are all about being “cool” so they were more than happy to show us how its done.
  • Loving Couple– Often times we as parents forget to get in front of the camera just the two of us , remember this family started with the love between the two of us.
  • Single Shining Shots– Go ahead and allow everyone to get their shine on in solo shots!


But, don’t worry if you forget your list your Portrait Innovations photographer will guide you through the process!

Portrait Innovation Mom

As Simple As 1-2-3

Your holiday theme family portrait session can be as simple as 1-2-3 if you book with Portrait Innnovations!

  1. Arrive at your appointment (walk in are accepted) and say cheese!
  2. Select your favorite poses.
  3. Leave with your prints in hand.

Portrait Innovation Couple

Portrait Innovations was kind enough to offer a package to one special Seeing It Their Way reader!

The winner gets:

·      Six (6) pose collection with 2 sheets of each pose

·      Two (2) 10×13 special effects Decorator Portraits

·      One (1) high resolution CD of all of your portrait images

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Thank you for entering! When was the last time you and your family had a holiday themed portrait?


  1. I honestly could not tell you the last time we actually had professional photos done. My kids were little and they are now 19 and 23.

  2. We have never. Even when my oldest was little. My youngest has never experienced a professional session… call it second child syndrome.

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