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Last week I shared with you all my New Years Resolution, but I forgot to share my Hair Resolution! One fact about me you may not know, I am from Texas and you know how the saying goes “Everything is bigger in Texas” and hair is no exception! I love big hair and the picture above is one of many that have motivated me to set some hair goals for 2014. I know I know we girls take our hair so seriously, but we can’t all wake up flawless some of us have to work at it. I have created a video below that shares my resolve to not use direct heat on my hair for the next 12 months in an effort to retain length and I performed a length check just to see where I am starting on my hair journey for 2014!

Often times I would blow dry my hair out to not only add volume and fullness to my desired style, but to reduce the amount of single stand knots I get. If your hair is naturally curly you know that curls particularly tight curls often time curls up on itself and forms a knot. The only way to get a single strand knot out is to either untie each individual not (who has time for that) or cut it out. Well I always opt for the latter which leads me to trim my hair way to often therefore causing me to not retain as much length as I would like. As a solution to avoiding both heat and single strand knots I will be and have used Curlformers to stretch my hair weekly. My goal is to grow and RETAIN six inches of hair over the next year, based off the fact that on average we all grow 1/2 inch of hair a month.
Curlformers Curls 1
The great thing is that I don’t have to just wear my hair in curls as pictured above, but I can do many of my usual styles including a Flat Twist Out which I love!
Culformers Stretched Collage

Do you set any hair goals for 2014? Have any tips for retaining length? Leave me a comment.


    • Thanks Brett! I love the Curlformers curls its just hard to maintain since I don’t use anything for hold.

  1. Oooohhhh – your hair looks awesome! I love the curls. My hair is more wavy than curly. I wonder if it would work. It gets so dried out with heat styling!

    • Hi Chrysa! Curlformers works on all types of hair I would definitely recommend you try it.

  2. Im actually looking to grow my hair again in 2014. I grew it long for my wedding and then chopped it off after. Now in the process of growing!

    • Hi Kecia congrats on your new bundle of joy! Us mommies have to find simple yet effective hair regimens to keep our hair looking camera ready! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your hair looks amazing curly! I wish mine looked that good when it’s not straight.maybe my resolution should be to work on a curly style that works for me!

    • If you try a curly style make sure to share it with Seeing It Their Way! Twitter:@ItsTheirWay

  4. Baby sis your hair is lookin fabulous as alway. Question do you only use henna to dye your hair?

  5. I also have riduclously curly hair and battle big hair problems anytime there is an ounce of humidity in the air. Cant wait to see your progress.

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