Home Tour: Superhero Playroom

Hey guys if you read the post 3 Tips For Moving With Kids  you know that the Seeing It Their Way family moved into a new house at the beginning of the school year. After hours upon hours of painting and shopping (wohoo) our house is now a home and we couldn’t wait to share it with you. The first rooms you will see on this home tour belongs to our two little guys and that’s no accident. When we moved in my plan was to get the boys settled as quickly as possible so they felt at home AND they would have a space to go while I tackled the rest of the house. I present to you room #1 the boys Superhero Playroom
Playroom Decor Superhero

As you will see I took a minimalist approach to the playroom because I wanted them to have plenty of floor space to do what little boys do (run, jump, wrestle, trains, cars, etc). Thanks to the massive walk-in closest, that are in every room in our house, and the under bed storage I was able to create a clutter free playroom.

Playroom Decor TV

If I am really being honest the gaming chairs are were they are primarily when I peak in to check on them.  The boys are super gamers, so much so that we even threw them a gaming party for their last birthday!

Playroom Decor Batman

But second to video games would definitely have to be their love for all things superhero, particularly Batman and Superman  so it was a no brainer when it came to the theme for this superhero playroom.

Playroom Decor Duckies

This is the boys contribution to the decor how adorable are these little duckies that the boys earned during a fundraiser at their new school!

Playroom Decor Bed and storage

Although this is their playroom it can also double as an extra sleeping area for when we have family and friends stay over. In the mean time it’s extra seating with plenty of pillows, a trampoline, a diving board and even the top of the ropes on a wrestling ring!

Playroom Decor Gaming Chair

I never thought I would paint a room in my house red and yellow, but I love the way tit turned out and best of all my boys love it!

What room in your house if any would you dare paint red and yellow?


  1. I love that room. I always thought it would be neat to have a red bathroom. Not sure why… maybe because I went a friends house and she had a super cool red bathroom. Now to convince the husband… would have a better chance just going with super heroes I think.

  2. Sometimes stepping out of the box renders amazing results. Proof positive is shown here. 🙂

  3. Hi I love your playroom. Where did you get the superman and batman pictures at?

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