Spring Break Is Here! How To Travel Bed Bug Free

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Recently I experienced a very… interesting evening at the Rollins Learning Center here in Atlanta at a #LearnWithOrkin event. The Rollins Learning Center is a super cool training facility where Orkin’s Specialist experience hands-on training through simulated real-world environments. Dr. Ron Harrison, Entomologist andOrkin’s Technical Services Director, gave us a very informative rundown of the different types of pest we encounter  in our region including their origins, habits and how to get rid of them. One pest stood out above all the rest and that’s Bed Bugs. With spring break and travel season upon us it’s important for us all to take steps to protect our family and homes from the pesky bed bug!

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Less than a week after my crash course on pest, particularly bed bugs, the family and I went on a fun filled getaway. I was glad to be armed with the simple acronym S-L-E-E-P to help reduce our chances of transporting bed bugs back to our home.


SURVEY: Check for signs of infestations, such as dark brown or red spots, on hotel bedding. Bed bugs are not a sanitation issue, which means they can be found in any hotel or motel – from a one-star to five-star location.

LIFT & LOOK: Bed bugs tend to settle in close proximity to their food source – you! Lift the mattress and inspect the box spring, sheets, furniture, upholstery and hollow bedposts, as well as crevices behind baseboards, pictures and even torn wallpaper.

ELEVATE: Keep luggage and personal belongings off the floor and away from the bed to keep bed bugs from crawling inside.

EXAMINE: Bed bugs are hitchhikers, so check all luggage and clothing for bed bugs while repacking and when arriving at home.

PLACE: Remove all clothing from luggage and place in the dryer at the highest setting for 15 minutes immediately upon returning home. (Bed bugs cannot survive temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.)

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If you or a family member forget to do the five easy steps above, no worries I can confidently tell you that the Orkin’s Specialist are thoroughly trained and are there to help get rid of any pest that may enter your home.

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  1. I would DIE! This is literally my worst fear when I travel.

  2. These are great tips to remember. I have been worried about bed bugs the last few times i have traveled.

  3. When my husband traveled a lot for work, he brought home bedbugs. It was awful! Wish we had this post back then.

    • The hubby and I recently went to a VERY nice hotel and I still checked for bed bugs! We would’ve checked out promptly if I found any.

    • Another great tip I learned was in if you live in a hot climate during the summer time your trunk easily exceeds 123 degrees If its outside. So you can simply leave your luggage in the car for a few hours and it will kill the bed bugs.

  4. I guess it’s good info to read right before travel season starts up. Still and the same… lol. Heeby jeebies. 😉

    • We have been on two trips since I became a bedbug export and it has definitely changed our hotel experience.

  5. Oy… this totally freaks me out! We travel quite a bit and I am forever checking for these critters.

  6. Great advice for spotting a bed bug infestation in your home. The best way to spot them is to be vigilant. Anything that looks out of the ordinary should be investigated further. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I’m not a big fan of sleeping in beds that aren’t mine. So, traveling is a big step of courage for me. I can’t image getting bed bugs while I’m traveling. I’m going to make sure that I follow your routine!

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