The Perfect DIY Personalized Photo Gift

The Perfect DIY Personalized Phot Gift

After scouring the internet for  inspiration to create the perfect diy personalized photo gift for my mother and mother-in-love I finally found it. My moms like most grandmas LOVE pictures of their grand babies even more so since we live 700+ miles away. With that in mind I set aside one Saturday to select a ton of adorable pictures of my two little guys to create a special gift for each grandmother.  

Personalized Photo Gift Wooden Letters


I purchased 18 inch unfinished wooden letters from Hobby Lobby , similar product here, to use as the foundation for our project. Because I opted to print my photos in black and white, I decided to paint the surface of my letters in black . You need to paint your letters to hide any seams or mismatches. 

DIY Personalized Photo Gifts Mod Podge


After organizing your photos to fit on your letters simply apply Mod Podge  to the backside and place on your letter. 

Photo Letter Mod Podge


After the backside of the picture has dried, apply a top coat of Mod Podge to your project. Once the project has completely dried flip on the backside and trim pictures with a X-acto knife. Now you have The Perfect DIY Personalized Photo Gift!

DIY Personalized  Photo Gift


I had to share that I printed so many photos for this project that I was able to create a massive collage of my own! I used the same technique, but used an old canvas painting as my foundation.

Happy Mothers Day to you and your loved ones!

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  1. I love this idea and love black and white pics so I already have a lot to work with so I will definitely be doing this

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