Top 10 Ideas for a Date Night at Home

If you follow my blog you know that I am a mother of two young boys and often times it’s difficult to find childcare for date nights. So we make an extra effort to make those weekend nights when we can’t get out as enjoyable as if we where out. Here is a list of a few date night ideas we have done and a few we hope to do in the future.

1. Movie and Popcorn
2. Hookah and Drinks
3. Candle Light Dinner in the Backyard
4. Play Your Favorite Board Games
5. Home Spa Treatments
6. Hire a Chef for the Night
7. Slow Dance to Soft Music
8. Prepare a Meal Together
9. Take Turns Reading from a Book You Both Enjoy
10. Wine and Conversation

I have found that these date night ideas are most enjoyable when one party is unaware of the plans for the evening. To go from thinking it will just be another ho-hum evening to it becoming a relaxing an enjoyable night with your spouse adds a little extra to the atmosphere which makes it feel more like a date.

Leave a comment sharing how you make the most of date night at home!


  1. After being together over 15 years, I think I sometimes forget how important this is, and sadly have to say we don’t do much of this anymore. We go on dates outside the house when we can but when home we are usually just doing the norm.
    I am going to make a commitment to my relationship and try to have a special surprise in-home date planned for my man at least twice a month.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to do this. I’d like to start taking Sunday nights off from “blogging” etc. so I can spend more time with my husband.
    At-home dates are also more budget-friendly since a babysitter usually costs $50 for a night out 🙁

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