Choosing The Best Car For Your Family

Car Seat Check Honor Roll photo by Evan Sears; illustration by Paul Dolan

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Family life is a big reason people buy a new car. Knowing what to look for when choosing the best car for your family can get you off to a great start. My boys are still in booster seats ,but are rapidly growing out of them. We have purchased a car with two car seats in mind, a truck with booster seats in mind and are looking to buy a SUV with two young men in mind. So as you can see the needs of our family and yours will be forever evolving and can help us all with life’s transitions.

Young Family Car Needs

If you are anything like we were when we got married the cars we had (a Geo Metro and a Toyota Corolla) suddenly felt like clown cars when we brought our first son home. We were able to make the Toyota Corolla work with just one car seat positioned in the preferred placement in the center, but when baby number two was to make his début just 11 months later it was time for an upgrade. At the time we had to go at it alone physically taking our car seat to the dealership and checking its fit and safety. But luckily for you has created the Car Seat Check Honor Roll that takes the guess-work out of shopping for car seat friendly vehicles!

Five Must Have For “A” Honor Roll Car

  1. Plenty of room for the car seat and the child.
  2. The car seat can not impact driver or front-passenger leg room.
  3. Easy to find and connect to Latch and tether anchors.
  4. No fit issues involving head restraint or seat contouring.
  5. Easy access to the third row (if included).

All you have to do is enter the Make and Model of the car you want or browse by category and check out each cars report card to find the car that meets your needs!

Older Family Car Needs

I know you didn’t think I forgot about you because that is our near future as well. But in all honesty finding a family car becomes a bit easier the older your children get (unless you have 19 kids and counting). Believe it or not the Car Seat Check Honor Roll has helped us narrow down our search as well. Remember part of the check is to determine if an infant/convertible car seat can be installed with plenty of room for it plus leg room in the front. I have found if a car seat can fit comfortably without compromising leg room upfront so can a full grown/young adult.

Infiniti Car Seat Check photo by Angela Conners

My family is interested in purchasing a SUV with a third row. So we went to the SUV Category scanned the report cards to see if they meet our leg room needs. Then double back to check for a third row and now we have a reliable list to help guide our buying process!

So visit Car Seat Checks Page and find a car that’s perfect for you and your family!

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