4 Must Haves For A Sports Party #DIY

Sports Party Ideas



March is a fun month for us as I shared in my earlier post Disney Cars Party Ideas #DIY , we celebrate the boy’s birthday during this month. Although my boys are not twins their birthdays are just 10 days apart and we are able to combine their parties for now! Each year we try to find the one thing they are both loving and have in common. At the age of 2 & 3 my boys were both all about a ball kicking it, rolling it, throwing it and anything else their little minds could think of.  So we created a sports themed party for the boys and their friends to enjoy!




1. Sports Attire

Sports Party attire
Not only did our family dress in our favorite teams jerseys, we also asked our guest to join in on the fun.

2. Sports Activity

Sports Party Games Fun
To keep the kids entertained we set up sports station and had them rotate through them all to try their hand at each sport. You will definitely need an extra pair of hands or two or three to manage the different stations, so assign family and friends to man your sports stations.

3. Sports Goody Bags

Sports Party Goodie Bags
At our parties you must earn your goody bags so as you make your way through the stations you collect your goodies in a cute little drawstring backpack!

4. Sports Cake

Sports Party Ball Cake
After purchasing this ball-shaped cake pan making the cakes was a piece of cake. LOL


In addition to these four must haves you can make your party a hit (and easier on you) by serving up ballpark favorite foods like corny dogs and chips to your sports lovers!


  1. Those sports cakes are too cool. I like the idea of letting everyone wear their favorite sports attire too.

  2. It looks like you guys had an awesome party. I love the cakes.

  3. There are so many cute cakes you can make with a ball shaped cake pan. I love mine. I will have to get it out and make something this weekend.

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic party. Many of my son’s birthday parties were sports themed when he was little.

  5. That’s an awesome cake right there! You can never go wrong with sports in a house full of people who love them (we’ve got a house like that here too). 🙂

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