#NaturalHair Big Chop :: Take Two #CleanLiving

Why Big Chop For A Second Time?

My most recent big chop may seem very random to those on the outside looking in and that is understandable. After nearly four years post my first big chop I decided to do it all over again. In all honesty my big chop really had nothing to do with hair but instead mine and my families overall health. As you may or may not know I recently lost my amazing grandmother to breast cancer and her struggle and others who have battled cancer got me to thinking about ways to prevent this from happening to myself and my young family. So after reading one particular statistic that stated that” 60 percent of what we put on our body is than absorbed by our system”, I immediately formulated a plan to lead a cleaner life. This cleaner life includes more organic foods and using all natural products in my home and on my hair and body. This includes no longer dyeing my hair, yet I was standing in the mirror looking at a head full of chemically dyed hair, so I decided to cut it off and it’s just that simple.

Pre Big Chop

Natural Hair Journey

Others Reaction To Big Chop

Hair is one of those things that people feel free to give their honest opinion on. So with that said, opinions ranged from my loving husband and sons doting on me about how beautiful they though I (and my hair) are, to one friend being close to tears at the sight of my big chop, and a few non reactions which I can only take to mean that they disliked it. Regardless of anyone’s reaction or lack thereof it is done and I have no regrets. And oh yes, did I mention IT’S ONLY HAIR PEOPLE!

Big Chop

Have you ever made a drastic changed to your appearance and had negative feedback about it?


    • I actually have used henna, but the results are so subtle it wasn’t worth the hassle.

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