Create Your Own Scented Heart-Shaped Crayons for Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Crayons Valentines Day

Valentines Day is upon us and like many other parents I had the task of preparing valentines for a class full of children. My alternative to the all so cute hard shape sucker that will inevitably be in his treat bag are heart-shaped crayons attached to an activity book. Creating your very own heart-shaped crayons for Valentine’s Day is super easy if I can do it you can do it. It’s so simple that your little ones can do the bulk of the work.


Broken Crayons Heart Valentines 1
Simply remove the paper from the outside of the crayon, break it and place it inside the heart-shaped silicone pan that you purchased in preparation for this task. If you aren’t solely using primary colors I recommend you sort your crayons into color schemes.


Valentine Cards
While your crayons melt in the oven on 230 degrees for 15 minutes go ahead and prepare the remaining part of your valentines.


Valentines Heart Shape Crayons Lavendar Scent
Make sure to carefully remove the pan from the oven to avoid spillage. Once the crayons come out of the oven they will harden quickly so make sure to add your essential oil of choice right away. I chose lavender mostly because I love the scent and always have it on hand.


Valentine Heart Shaped Crayons
Allow the crayons to cool and re harden completely, about 30 minutes is sufficient. Than simply pop each crayon out of the pan.


Valentine Heart Shaped Crayon Hot Glue
Last step, using hot glue attach your scented heart-shaped crayon to your valentine card of choice! It is really that simple and your little one will be the talk of the class.


  1. I make these for my kids to bring in to school every year. They love them 🙂

  2. This is so creative! We’ve made these before but I never thought to scent them! Your idea is brilliant and I love that it is natural.

  3. We have done something like this before and the kids loved it. They were always into arts and crafts.

  4. Making these now for my kindergarten class using some Young Living oils – peppermint for concentration and maybe some stress away 🙂

  5. This is so cool! I have never made my own crayons, let alone scented ones…I love this idea.

  6. I never thought about using essential oils in your crayons! I think this is perfect for calming kids during homework time

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