Little Tikes Gas ‘N Go A Must Buy

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While at a backyard party our three-year old ,Deakin, fell in love with the lawn mower that was there a Little Tikes Gas N Go. I couldn’t pry it from his hands, without a serious meltdown, to return it to the 18 month old it belonged to. So I took him to the side to calm him and asked him why he liked it and what toy he has at home that he likes just as much. Well that little talk didn’t really go as I had planned. Deakin went on to explain that he liked it because it was likes daddy’s lawn mower, but he can’t play with daddy’s lawn mower so he really wanted his own. Well knock me over with a feather, at that very moment I decided to buy him one and by him I mean them because although my boys are close in age I NEVER buy two of the same toys I leave that to grandma. When I went on a search for this push toy most products stated it was for 18 months and up, but hey for around $30 I decided even if he/they played with it for just a few months it will be worth the purchase. So I surprised the boys with Little Tikes Gas ‘N Go Mower and here is their reaction!

Romee & Deakin’s View

Little Tikes Gas N Go Mower View

The Little Tikes Gas ‘N Go Mower allows children to mimic the activity they see every day in the world around them and encourages pretend play. The mower provides cool mechanical sounds, including popping beads and engine sounds, and features a removable gas can.

    Encourages pretend play and movement
    Designed to model a real lawn mower
    Mechanical sounds when the mower is pushed and the cord is pulled
    Removable gas can with a tethered cap included


Moms View

The boys love any toy that mimics normal adult activities, and the Little Tike Gas ‘N Go Mower is as realistic lawn mower I could find and it does not disappoint. The popping, wheels and starter sounds all adds to the children’s fantasy of it being “just like daddy’s”, but is super loud and for our household will remain an outside toy that is used exclusively when daddy takes the boys out to play. 🙂 The absolute best thing about the Gas’N Go Mower is that it doesn’t need batteries!!! I am the worst at replacing batteries and my poor boys pay the price for that. The mower is very sturdy and has stood up to two little boys playing/fighting with/over it for a few months now. I love the little additions that makes this lawn mower stand out among the rest like the adorable little gas can that comes with it.

While the boys are a bit to tall for the Gas ‘N Go Mower they still enjoy playing with it. But as a mom I wish the handle could extend so they wouldn’t have to slouch over to play with and could extend its use for older kids (4-5 years old). No buyers remorse here this was a great purchase for both mom and boys alike.

I couldn’t end this post without addressing the elephant in the room or the TALL GRASS in the room. I suggest you actually cut your grass prior to the children trying to “mow” the lawn with the Gas ‘N Go. 😉 While my boys persevered that day, because they were so excited, they have made an appoint to remind their dad to cut the lawn with the “real lawn mower” when the grass is getting a bit to tall!

Disclosure: I reviewed this product on my own and have received NO compensation in return for my opinions.


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