Relax Its Just Another Dentist Visit

I must say the very first time I took the boys to the dentist when they were one and two years old was a nightmare. Partially because it was a new experience and they were so young, but there were a few things that had absolutely nothing to do with the boys and everything to do with the adults in the room, including myself.


Seeing It Moms Way

Starting with my own emotions or stress level about taking them to the dentist. On that first visit I was stressed about having to take them both alone and was certain that the appointment would be an unpleasant one. And sure enough it was. This whole parenting thing is definitely trial and error and I have made my fair share of errors, but have tried to use those experiences to make the next ones more positive ones. That first visit coupled with other non dentist related experiences helped me to realize that 90 percent of the time my sons are not reacting to a situation or experience, but more about how they feel going into the situation. So I have grown to be a much more laid back mom and make sure to have well rested, feed, happy, and satisfied boys when we go into potential stressful situations.

There are still factors that I can’t control like other people’s moods. Our first dental hygienist was a prime example she was worse than me in expressing her anxiety of working with my young boys I made certain to request a new person for our next visit. The new dental hygienist helped to make our semi-annual visits much more pleasant. It was as if she fell in love with my boys on site and they her. Because they formed such a quick bound their time in the chair felt more like a visit with an old friend.

Seeing It The Boys Way

I hope that our experience at the dentist is something everyone could share in. It sadden me to see several other kids melting down left a right, whether it was because their parents were stressed, not present (literally some stayed in the waiting room REALLY?!?!) or the child wasn’t given the time to acclimate to their surroundings. Here is a reminder from one mom/parent to another your children are a reflection of you both physically and emotionally, so when going into a high stress situation try to take a chill pill and you will create a more positive experience for your children and yourself.


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