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Barilla Pasta Share The Table
We were introduced toBarilla’s Share The Table initiative at the Family Forward Conference in August.  Barilla is on a mission to bring families back to the dinner table. My family eats dinner together at least five times out of the week, but I can’t honestly say that those times were meaningful. Thanks to Barilla who not only provided us with coupons to buy their yummy products but also provided some to giveaway to you bringing the family together was made a little easier.  As you read about the five ways you can make mealtime more meaningful think about how you can add at least one activity that can improve your shared time at the table!

Make & Eat Healthy & Good Food

Barilla Pasta : Share The Table
Like most parents we make the effort to provide our children with healthy food and we cross our fingers they will like it. I’m proud to say most of the time we get it right.

Help Make Mealtime Happen

Now this is something we had to improve upon. In the hustle and bustle of everyday it can be so much easier to get in he kitchen alone and just “whip up something.” But with just a little planning we have been able to include our little guys in the making of dinner several times a week. Obviously my little guys aren’t yet ready for knives or stove top preparation, but they can mix, pour, measure and make a mess with the best of them.

Talk & Interact With Your Family More At Dinner

Barilla Pasta : Share The Table
Raise your hand if you use dinner time to catch up with your spouse or significant other. Well that’s what was happening at our house. Or little guys would sit by quietly while the adults did all the talking. Since trying to make our mealtime more meaningful, we instead use dinner as a time for the entire family to share their day.

Put Away, Cut or “Turn OFF” Any Distractions

We all are probably guilty of having a cell phone or two on the table accompanied by a TV playing in the background. Honestly we haven’t improved in this area, but what family is perfect. Okay, okay you twisted my arm we will cut the amount of distractions we have at the dinner table in 2015!

Eat Together As Much As You Can

Barilla Pasta Share The Table

Enjoying great food together not only gives you energy to think, play and do your favorite things, but it also keeps you healthy-physically, mentally, and emotionally.-Barilla


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  1. Carve out a set time and provide discussion topics to promote talking and connecting.

  2. We can improve on eating at the same time so we can talk to make it more meaningful

  3. We always try to get into a routine of having dinner together at the table, but within a few weeks the kids are eating in the living room while watching TV. Either we need to move a TV into the dining room or we need to lock them in their while we eat!!!

  4. We need to make a much bigger effort to sit down and eat as a family. It’s getting rare for everyone to be home for dinner at the same time.

  5. What we can improve on are to have mealtimes within a half hour gap unless it is an emergency. With everything happening sometimes mealtime gets rather late and by the time we eat we are all tired and cranky and starving.

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