(Video) Homemade Copycat Recipe :: Rotel Diced Tomatoes With Lime

If you are a regular reader of Seeing It Their Way you may know that I am striving to lead a cleaner life. Included in that is serving my family less processed foods. As not to overwhelm myself or my family I have been slowly changing the products/foods we use to adjust to this new lifestyle.

The hubby and I are both from Texas and enjoy a little kick to most of our dishes, which means we add cayenne, hot sauce and more often than not Rotel to many of our dishes. Rotel is simply tomatoes and chilles/peppers added for spice. Since we go through 3-4 cans of Rotel a week I decided to create my homemade copycat recipe of Rotel diced tomatoes with limes. Enjoy!


Rotel Diced Tomatoes With Lime Instructional Video


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  1. Hi, I was wondering for a copycat recipe for extra-hot rotel. The brand shows habenaros as the pepper ingredient. I have habenaros coming out of my ears from my past garden this year. Any suggestions? For the hot recipe with the jalapenos I will defintely try. Thanks for the recipe and thanks in advance for any suggestions using habaneros.

    • Habenaros would be the perfect substitute for Jalepenos if you want it extra hot. Follow the same steps just with habenaros! Would love to hear how they turn out.

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